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Ross Huguet is a Voice Actor in North America

Ross Huguet carries a confident, arresting and hypnotic voice that's warm and convincingly trustworthy. The experience of voicing thousands of scripts has made him both a master of vocal persuasion and one of the most recognizable voices in the world.
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In the beginning...

Ross comes from humble beginnings, getting his feet wet in the recording genre as a 3rd grader recording books on tape for other students. His interest was immediately piqued and he began recording himself more and more on an old reel to reel machine.

A continued obsession

Throughout high school Ross would give the announcements over the P.A. system in the morning and afternoon. He also worked as a DJ at a local roller rink spinning records and speaking. His first big break came when local station CJIB allowed him to report high school basketball games on air, which lead to his own 1 hr show in the middle of the night.

A successful career

Ross continuously works at his own professional home studio, voicing scripts for T.V., radio, online and other mediums. Contact him today for an appointment: 778-386-8500

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